Dental Nightmares

At my age who cares right?

I wasn’t listened to… I wonder why not.  I’d like to think it wasn’t because I was older ….

It was something I had never any intention of having in my life.  I actually remain shocked that this is where I am.  I took care .. I had check ups and maintenance every six months… so how come I am the repulsed and horrified owner of a denture????  Just HOW????

One failed root canal and a further loose tooth meant I was on the lookout for an affordable implant… yes I know I was more likely to bump into a unicorn, but in that eerie way your phone demonstrates it’s eavesdropping on you or actually just reading your mind… up popped an advert for “half price implants”.   Fantastic!   In a horrible display to disloyalty to my lovely dentist( well she couldn’t offer the service) I pounced upon this and had soon made an appointment….

 The Charming receptionist and shiny clinic was reassuring, but when I went to speak the dentist there was something I had to make very clear.. “I am here because if there is one thing I definitely do not want it is a denture.. I don’t want shrinking jawbones or a plate that gets clogged with food , or something I take out and soak every night”. I cannot think for anything worse in terms of dental health…. 

Very long story short I was told I wasn’t a candidate…  for the implant..remember that.. I’m telling you that because it became relevant later… BUT I reiterated I wasn’t prepared to have a denture so what could be done…? 

This is where things got very dodgy.  I consider myself an intelligent enough person, well able to make my case… . I was shown I tiny “clip on” with a couple of teeth on it…. I can make you something like this … I was told.   Ok weighing up the fact I wasn’t a suitable candidate ( lie) and the fact that this little clip on did not fill the roof of my mouth.  I accepted the compromise…

Oh by the way said this rogue, no point in just putting just a couple of teeth on there, that one is a bit grey … I can take that out and give you a better colour.

“No I don’t think so… right now I can smile and even with the gap I have.. no one would ever know….. that one is giving me no trouble, and it’s right on my smile …I think I don’t want a healthy tooth out..”

“Oh it’s not healthy …it’s grey….said the rogue..He proceeded to show me the little clip again…

When I returned to get the bad tooth out… it came out easily … but then he dragged and hauled the grey one out…  I’d very reluctantly given consent on the grounds I would get a “clip on”more like a bridge…

What was lying there waiting to be put in my mouth was basically my worst nightmare… an ugly hunk of plastic, exactly what I’d been at pains to point out I didn’t want.. 

When I went back a week later to have it checked … he didn’t even look at it.  I said I told you I didn’t want this.. you told me it would be  much smaller.. he said oh well let’s get you checked for bone grafts then,  you can still get implants……. WHAT???   He demonstrated his absolute contempt for me as a consumer and clearly thought I could be some kind of cash cow.  I mean what did I matter I’m just an old woman.  I should expect to have a denture … right? 

I have had this ugly horrible and uncomfortable thing for a year now and despite Covid delays I’m finally getting the mess put right by the University Teaching Hospital, it’s going to be a long haul.. but I’m glad I’m being listened to and not being blatantly conned….

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