Clancy is well known as the webmaster of the world-famous Mauritius Australia

Clancy is well known as the webmaster of the world-famous Mauritius Australia Connection website, that incorporates Madeleine Philippe’s Recipes from Mauritius website. Unbeknown to Madeleine and Clancy Philippe, in 1994 they established the very first websites promoting Mauritius and Mauritian cuisine. These web sites receive thousands of visits daily and are ranked top of the Google search engines for Mauritian cuisine.

Madeleine and Clancy Philippe are very passionate in the promotion of Mauritius and Mauritian cuisine. Clancy himself has learnt so much from Madeleine that he is now an adept of Mauritian cuisine in his own right.

He is just as passionate as Madeleine and has committed himself to the task of passing on Madeleine’s expertise and passion for Mauritian cuisine through social media, talks, workshops and their newly published book on Mauritian cuisine.

Clancy took on the task with Madeleine to research true Mauritian cuisine that reflects the golden age of Mauritian culinary marvels that modern living and new age chefs tend to oversee. The companion book “Best of Mauritian Recipes” was published in 2018 and won two prestigious “Best in the World Awards” at the International World Gourmand Cookbook Annual competition. Clancy received the two awards at the award ceremony held in Yantai, China. The recipes presented both in this book and the Recipes from Mauritius website are the traditional recipes, except for very few examples that have been adapted to make their preparation simpler and easier to cope with modern day time constraints.

During his travels, Clancy, in a very similar way to Madeleine, interacts with Mauritian chefs and passionate cooks to discuss their techniques and presentation of Mauritian foods. The recipes contained in this book have been collected by Clancy, with the collaboration of Madeleine, over a twenty-year period. Clancy has also improved the photographic techniques and food finishing to maximise the photographic presentation of Mauritian dishes.

We unfortunately lost Madeleine to cancer in Feb. 2011. Clancy has taken on the task to continue Madeleine’s work to promote Mauritian Cuisine. Clancy is now well known for the promotion of Mauritian cuisine on social media such as Facebook, through the publication of articles and photos of Mauritian culinary marvels that makes you hungry just by looking at these photos. He receives a constant inflow of emails, phone calls and requests for assistance on Mauritian cuisine.

Last but not least, Clancy reminds us that when he prepares Mauritian dishes in Madeleine’s kitchen, Madeleine is always in the background assisting with advice and guiding him in the concoction of the many delicious dishes that he shares with his loved ones and friends worldwide.

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