“I personally welcome you to the After 50 Australia Community.

Since turning 50 myself (a couple of years back), I have been passionate about creating something truly unique in the online arena.

Together with a small team of marketing and technical experts, we are developing an online platform specifically for the over 50s in Australia.
We are launching November 2020.
It will go live on the basis that the actual Community of over 50s will support it, contribute to it, participate in it and engage with others to help it evolve into something meaningful and beneficial.
Quite simply put, we are providing the online platform and YOU the Community will drive its growth and determine its life span.
Unlike many other platforms, where there is a distinct bias to the agendas and interests of a few people, this is different.
This platform will evolve over time through its Community members that will hopefully and willfully add value and meaning to its future state.
This platform is designed to connect our human emotions together with the convenience of modern day technology.
In other words, we are keen to develop its digital character into something that is appealing, interesting and rewarding for its participants, contributors and visitors.
I believe that feeling good is a fundamental human emotion and it should seamlessly translate into a digital home.
I invite you to become involved.
I trust that you will enjoy what’s coming and more significantly embrace it as your digital home”.
After50.com.au will become a central online place for people to be able to safely express themselves and interact in normal societal activity, whether it is:
✴️ for social reasons
✴️ for business and promotion purposes
✴️ for educational and informational desires
✴️ for the exchange of goods & services
✴️ for an open discussion on a range of relevant topics
✴️ for inspiration and motivation
✴️ or even for reflection and nostalgic times
Angelo Triandos
Founder & Owner of After 50 Australia