Untamed & Unashamed

Untamed & Unashamed

We all have a little bit of wild in us in this day and age, Don’t we? A small smidge or an atom of the untamed. Now & again recognised by oneself, then hidden quickly as society raced to chain it up again. As a child, I would watch in drooling envy as my sisters who were much older and very beautiful, so the lime light fell on them, as they waltzed around in the beautiful gowns, the hair and makeup artfully applied by my mother. As I grew up, they married moved out of our small cottage, when children appeared, I was no longer seeing beauty but a tired and harassed young women, who relied on our mother to make it all better. She took on the role of peacekeeper, grandmother, mother and the neihbahood domestic goddess. This woman could fix anything with her chicken soup, mustard poultices, warm lemon drinks and good old Vicks rub. She was known for her bread poultices for boils and could lance a boil at twenty paces. Her herb garden grew one almighty plant comfrey, which she declared would cure anything from dementia to broken nails, that and her cod liver oil taken every morning at 7 am to make the internals work properly. Miz Hilda was known far and wide for her remedies, there was always someone at our stout wooden kitchen table with an ailment or two.

On a Saturday morning, Miz Hilda was known as the local seer, for (two shillings) nowadays about two dollars was placed in the saucer that held a teacup, once the daily gossip was over the teacup was drained by the visitor. Placed upside down, twirled three times in a right direction, Mum would look into the depths to see where to tealeaves were placed. After a respectful silence.mum would take in a huge breath, with her ample chest expanding, she would tell her client the secrets the tea leaves held. Always good news first then the mishaps or maybe where the client could improve. My Mother was an expert on telling any expectant mum the baby’s sex, and its personality. As she aged she became joined to a church, her faith of the herbs and teacup fortunes where given up, the neihbahood customs were left behind. I was told as a teenager they were devils work, to leave all that nonsense behind. After many years of following her rules in life I also married, children came along my life became different. My folks had aged, wanting nothing more peace and comfort in their home and lives. I was told to sort myself out if I complained about anything. Memories and emotions can be very cruel; I became bitter, and felt abandoned. I had been a good Christian girl, done it all their way. Now I was told to grow up consider myself lucky by both my siblings and parents. Yet those early memories of how my mother coped with strife & stress had never gone away. Perhaps there was another way, I let it simmer, knowing that one day I would be the one folks would come to.

Today, I make the herbs and poultices from my garden, I’m a known natural herbalist, an aroma therapist, and a popular numerologist, teacups still have their place in them a warm tincture of rosewater and for stress a drop of golden Marijuana oil is added. That small smidge or an atom of the untamed, the wild and unknown has as settled on my shoulders, fits closely like a mantle, I own it, I love it. This is me.  

Kez Wickham

We are all Unique Walking Stories Just Waiting to be Told

Kez Wickham St George is the driver of her own creativity and her passion is to inspire and nurture others to tell their stories. Her values are simple; when you touch a heart; we can change a life. By encouraging you to write or journal, her beliefs are, leaving your footprint behind in written words will only add value to your life. Travelling extensively including the width and breath of Australia, she has collecting storeys and experiences. Now with ten novels published, the first three; Adventures in the outback published internationally, three paranormal books published nationally. Also two children’s books that now reside in many different countries and with the two Royal families of UK and Denmark. Beginning of 2019 her first book of poetry, Entwined was published, forming a corridor between the City of Rockingham and Ako Japan its sister city, bringing the poets and artists of these two cities together. 2020 Kez co-authored a reciprocal book from Ako Japan ‘Entwined 2. Late 2019 an invitation to be a guest speaker at a writer’s retreat at Crom Castle Dublin Ireland, this placed Kez on a global stage as a speaker and international Author. 2020 her recent published novel Metal Mermaid became a number one best seller in her category of adventure/ caravanning.

Kez is also a popular speaker at many local events; ever the storyteller. However mentoring and consulting  to assist others to tell their stories has become a large part of her life, running  effective creative writing  workshops, plus creative journaling workshops for those that have a story to tell. Encouraging people to do what they love has resulted in four of her writing protégés from 2019/2020 being published authors.  But most of all Kez believes “You become what you believe”.

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